PEEK Application

Machinery industrial applications due PEEK has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, abrasion characteristics, many international and domestic equipment parts, such as bearings, piston rings, reciprocating gas compressor valves and other widely used PEEK.
 Energy and chemical high temperature, high humidity, radiation resistance, excellent performance, in nuclear power plants and other energy industry, chemical industry has been widely used.
 The application of electronic information industry in the international arena which is the second largest application areas of PEEK, the amount of about 25%, especially in the ultra-pure water transport, the application of PEEK production of pipes, valves, pumps, to make ultra-pure water not contaminated, have been widely used abroad.
 Aerospace industry applications because PEEK is superior overall performance, since the 1990s, foreign countries have been widely used in aerospace products, domestic also F-8-II aircraft and spacecraft Shenzhou successful trial on the products.
 Automotive applications energy, weight loss, low noise required for vehicle development has been an important indicator, PEEK lightweight, high mechanical strength, heat resistance, self-lubricating and other features just to satisfy the needs of the automotive industry.
 Field of health care applications
 PEEK apart from producing some of the sophisticated medical equipment, the most important application is an alternative to artificial bone made of metal, with a lightweight, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, etc., but also organically combined with the body, with the closest human bone materials.


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